Brief Information in English
                T Mikaelsson Elconsult AB is an Electrical Consulting  Company working with
                projects in Sweden and abroad.
                The eletrical consultancy comprises mainly the following activities:
                -  Technical and economic investigations.
                -  Predesign, preconstruction, preliminary and final design of installations for power,
                   lighting and telecommunication. (Final design are carried out in cooperation with
                   external electrical designers).
                -  Design of plants for power distribution such as switchgears, stand-by generators
                   and UPS-systems.
                -  Lighting design.
                -  Preparation of purchase documents, tender evaluation and participation in purchase.
                -  Cost and quantity estimations.
                -  Inspection and survey.
                The commissions comprise industrial plants, shopping malls, care centres, offices,
                department stores, schools etc.
                The company was founded 2008 by Mr. Tommy Mikaelsson, electrical engineer.
                Mr. Tommy Mikaelsson is managing director and responsible for the activities in
                the company.
                Mr. Tommy Mikaelsson was earlier managing director and main owner of the
                electrical consulting company
                MIAB Mikaelssons Ingenjörsbyrå AB in Stockholm (Nacka), Sweden.
                Mr. Tommy Mikaelsson has long experience of electrical consulting in several countries. 
T Mikaelsson Elconsult AB, Storholmsvägen 166, 132 52 Saltsjö-Boo
Telefon: 070-607 60 01, E-post: